Modern Sequence

Modern Sequence Dancing is a very popular form of social dancing in the UK. It is based on Ballroom and Latin dancing but everyone dances the same standardised 16 bar sequences at the same time making this an interesting and pleasurable activity. It is great way to make new friends and to enjoy a healthy life. Each sequence of steps or dance has its own name and there are (literally!) thousands of different sequence dances all using basic Ballroom, Latin American & Classical dance steps.


If the dances are all performed in a set sequence doesn’t this make it rather repetitive and limited?

No – quite the opposite! Because there are so many different dances (and new dances emerge virtually every month) there is a tremendous variety of dances. In Sequence dancing the dancers progress the sequence in an anti-clockwise manner around the floor. As everyone is doing the same sequence the requirement for floor craft (and the level of concentration required to avoid collisions!) is reduced. Dancers do not need to choreograph their own sequence and as everyone is doing the same set sequence it is relatively easy to follow.

Do I need a partner?

No! You can come along by yourself and get paired up with other students or with the teacher.


Do I need any special clothing or footwear?

Regular dancers tend to wear specialist dance shoes, but for beginners this is not necessary. Just make sure you wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to stretch and move easily. Dance shoes are better than rubber soled as they will help you glide across the floor better.

What sort of music is used?

All types - from elegant and traditional waltzes to recent chart releases.


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