Dance Classes

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How long before our wedding should we start our dance lessons?

Ideally you should have your free consultation around 8 – 10 weeks before the wedding and begin your lessons between 6 - 8 weeks before your wedding. If you have less time, please do not panic! We can always work out something for the day – we’ve managed to choreograph a dance the day before the wedding.

How many dance lessons will I need?

This depends on your ability and also the complexity of your routine. On average, we aim to complete the choreography within 2 – 3 lessons and couples usually have 1 – 2 more lessons after this to perfect the dance. All lessons are Pay As You Go, we do not believe in signing you up for packages – why pay up-front for lessons that you might not need?

Where will my lessons be?

Lessons can be held in the comfort of your own home (as long as you can push furniture back and have enough space!) or at our private studios.

When are the dance lessons held?

Any time! We’re pretty flexible and happy to work around you both during this busy time! We work daytimes, evenings and weekends.

What should we wear?

We recommend wearing something that you feel comfortable in. For the ladies, we would advise wearing a shoe similar to the one you will be wearing on the day, so you don’t get any nasty surprises! We also advise the bride and groom to wear their shoes to the last lesson, just so the feel comfortable before the big day. We can also arrange a 30 minute solo lesson for the bride, if she would like to practice in her dress!

We can’t decide on our First Song…

When we meet for the free consultation we can talk through song choice. If you can’t decide between 2, we can always edit them together so you can have both. We can also suggest song choices if you’re really stuck!

We have never danced together before and we have 4 left feet between us! What do we do?!

Please don’t worry. Our choreographers are very understanding and experienced in working with couples who have little or no dance background, so it’s nothing new to us! We are there to guide you every step of the way, making sure you enjoy your lessons and your first dance and building your confidence too.
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