Disco Freestyle and Rock ‘n’ Roll

These forms of dancing are one of the most popular amongst the younger generation because it's fun, fast and exciting. It continually changes as the style of popular music develops and has definitely changed a lot since its birth following the film "Saturday Night Fever"

The impact from pop artists and groups on Disco Freestyle, have meant that everyone can become another Justin Timberlake or Britney Spears, all you need to do is learn the moves. It involves all kinds of movement using your body to express dance music, which can be fast and beaty or slow and beautifully controlled. Steps such as, runs, kicks, spins, jumps and leaps are used with arm movements to enhance the moves. There is an element of gymnastics too, with lots of splits and back bends, showcasing a dancer’s flexibility.

Disco and Rock ‘n’ Roll teaches co-ordination, spatial awareness, creativity and gives you rhythm and timing. It can be danced solo, in pairs and trios and also in a Formation Team. You can learn set choreography for competitions and you are also encouraged to improvise and create your own choreography.

Rock ‘n’ Roll can be danced in couples or groups. It is high energy and has an acrobatic element to it. The most obvious feature this dance is its kicks and its lifts, jumps, throws and flips. It’s exciting and great fun, but get ready to put your fitness to the test as this is a physically demanding style of dance!


Do I need a partner?

No! You can come along to a Disco and Rock ‘n’ Roll class without a partner. There is plenty of solo work and you can also be paired up if you want.

What clothes do I need to wear?

Wear something you feel comfortable in. We advise wearing dance workout clothing, such as leggings/tracksuits and T-shirts. As long as it is loose fitting and you are able to move freely.

What shoes should I wear?

We advise wearing jazz shoes or dance sneakers (or something similar). A certain amount of grip is needed and also support around your foot and ankles.

I’m really unfit; will I be able to keep up in the classes?

A certain amount of fitness and agility is required for this form of dance, but please remember that you can gain this through starting this type of dance! It’s a great way to get fit, tone up and socialise!
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